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Canada’s Black Walk Of Fame: Portia White

By Ashlie Bienvenu   With the holidays right around the corner I’m sure everyone has had the opportunity to hear the carolers in the streets, or holiday music on the radio. So, for this issue, we will be looking back to a famous musical figure, Portia White. White, an Afro-Canadian from Nova Scotia, was admired […]

Opinion: Righteous Outrage Over Racism Is Now More Important Than Ever In Quebec

By Yvonne Sam (Chairman of the Rights and Freedoms Committee) Originally Published in Huffington Post, November 27, 2017   The cancellation of systemic racism hearings means that there will be no focus on understanding the perilous effects of the problem on visible minorities’ well-being. After Québec Solidaire MNA, Amir Khadir, tabled a 2,662-signature petition in […]

Black Community Forum

Black Community Forum This list represents those organizations that have clearly indicated that they expect to be consulted and wish to participate and assist in helping to achieve the general priorities and objectives of the Black Community Forum: To develop a process that will identify a long-term development plan for the Black Community. To ensure […]

Canada’s Black Walk Of Fame: Oliver Jones

By Ashlie Bienvenu   It seems appropriate to dedicate this article to Oliver Jones, as he recently performed in Little Burgundy at the renaming of Sainte-Cunegonde Social Centre, into the Oliver-Jones Centre. The renaming was to honour a talented and renowned musician; however, the honour was also due to his dedication and commitment to his […]

Queen Elizabeth Health Complex: New Status as “Super-Clinic”

By Ashlie Bienvenu We are pleased to announce that, as of September 11th, 2017, the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex (QEHC), which predominantly serves the Anglophone community in NDG, has been given the status of “super-clinic.” (CBC News) “Ensuring ready access to both medical and alternative health services, the QEHC is an attractive option to avoid […]

Dr. Charles R. Drew

Canada’s Black Walk Of Fame: Dr. Charles R. Drew By Ashlie Bienvenu   For our next inductee into the Black Walk of Fame, we look to someone who, while not born in Canada, gained the inspiration for his ground-breaking blood plasma discoveries at Montreal’s own McGill University. The story of his never ending determination in […]