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Quebec’s Glory shown through our Story?

Quebec’s Glory shown through our Story? Quebec and diversity are not fully compatible, but is there also a continued historical dissonance? By Yvonne Sam: Chairman (Rights and Freedoms Committee) At BCRC   The recent outrage and consequent debacle that surrounded the St. Jean Baptiste parade, with singer Annie Villeneuve, on a float being pushed solely […]

Wake up Quebec!

We, Society, Must Say No to Systemic Racism and Biases Against Minorities and the Mentally Ill. Wake up Quebec! You Cannot Truly be Master in the House if You Do Not Respect and Protect All of its Members   By Dr. Clarence S. Bayne   It is my opinion that police have become society’s paid […]

Canada’s Black Walk Of Fame

By Ashlie Bienvenu As there has been a lot of recognition of this historical figure in the past few years, with her inclusion in the Canadian Heritage Minutes and the decision to place her on the new ten dollar bill, I thought it would be appropriate to start our new series, Canadian Black Walk of […]

Quebec and Racism—Time to lift her head out of the sand

By Yvonne Sam: Chairman (Rights and Freedoms Committee) Black Community Resource Centre Ontario has set the pace and Quebec must now join in the race. But before doing so, we must try to come to a common understanding of racism, and the roots of racism in Canada. It is difficult to change what you refuse […]

Report from the Secretariat of the Black Community Forum

“The Secretariat of the Black Community urges the City to return to the earlier, and more holistic and integrative, approach that characterized its relationship with Black Communities over three City Administrations: The Dore, Borque, and Tremblay Administrations.” Dr. Clarence S. Bayne, President of BCRC and Chair of the Secretariat of the Black Community Forum.   […]

Racial profiling: Black Civil rights also matter!

By Yvonne Sam   As a preliminary step before delving into this somewhat charged topic, it is useful to define racial profiling, as the Canadian populace, in general, use the term to mean different things. For this editorial, I am applying the term ‘racial profiling’ to refer to the law enforcement practice of taking the […]