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Racial profiling: Black Civil rights also matter!

By Yvonne Sam   As a preliminary step before delving into this somewhat charged topic, it is useful to define racial profiling, as the Canadian populace, in general, use the term to mean different things. For this editorial, I am applying the term ‘racial profiling’ to refer to the law enforcement practice of taking the […]

Standing on Their Shoulders Leaves a Lasting Impression

Standing on Their Shoulders Leaves a Lasting Impression By Ashlie Bienvenu On Thursday, September 28th, the BCRC was asked to present the Standing on Their Shoulders videos (a past BCRC community project), to students at McGill, for community involvement day. The videos were very well received by the McGill students who signed up for the […]

Position on Amending the Bill for the Education Act

BCRC STATEMENT OF POSITION ON THE BILL TO AMEND THE BILL AMENDING THE EDUCATION ACT By the President of BCRC This was presented to the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and submitted to the Montreal Hearings on Bill 105.   Background and Analysis Language has become a very controversial topic in Quebec and Canada. In […]

Armed with the Facts

Armed with the Facts—Premier Couillard is called upon to act. Examination and Reformation of the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission requested By Yvonne Sam. Chairman (Rights and Freedoms Committee) Black Community Resource Centre   As the issue on race relations persists in this country, especially the province of Quebec, the Quebec Human Rights […]