BCRC is Hiring Seniors’ Animators

BCRC in Cote-des-Neiges is about to start a Seniors’ pilot project. This project’s goal is to “create 20 social activities to explore how English-speaking Black seniors can better embrace aging and explore their past contribution to, and future participation in their community.” BCRC is in search of two part-time Animators to deliver this project in Cote-des-Neiges. If you have seniors’ experience, and have ideas about how to break seniors’ isolation and encourage active lifestyle choices, then please consider applying.

Job Qualifications

• Seniors’ Animator
• Significant knowledge of social and health services as they relate to seniors
• English fluency necessary. Competency in both official languages preferred
• Minimum Academic Qualifications: CEGEP AEC/DEC or 2nd year university (special care/human sciences or related disciplines)
• Strong awareness of, and familiarity with, Caribbean culture, folklore or history
• Pertinent experience planning or animating activities with aged population(s)

Skill Set Sought

Good communication skills (will lead group discussions)
Able to build and nurture trusting relationships
Good listening skills
Can create, organize, and animate a variety of workshops
Appropriate and healthy conflict resolution skills
Can work in a team
Ability to maintain activity log and provide progress report to supervisor
Survey experience an asset

Job Details

• Available part-time: 23 weeks (July 6, 2015 to December 11, 2015)
• Must be able to start July 6, 2015
• Flexible project hours: afternoons and early evenings (10 hrs/wk)
• Salary is 16$ hourly
Application Options

a) Send or drop off CV: 6767 Côte-des-Neiges, Suite 497, Montreal, Quebec H3S 2T6
b) Email CV: Executive Director, bcrc.qc.ca@gmail.com (subject: Seniors Pilot)

All CVs must be received by June 30th for consideration. Please include references. BCRC is open Monday-Thursday 10-5p.m. Positions open to those with pertinent qualifications and experience, however, only those retained for interview will be contacted.

Photo Credit: Scott Strohmeler