BSC provides two new Scholarships for the Community

“We Dare to Dare in spite of the uncertainties of tomorrow”

As part of the BCRC-BASF Stop the Brain-Drain Project, two new scholarships are being awarded by the Black Studies Center charitable capital fund.  The Black Studies Center (BSC) is a member organization of the Black Community Forum, dedicated to the principles and protocols of the FORUM.  BSC sits on the Board of Directors of the BCRC. These scholarships, worth $2500 each, are provided on an annual renewable basis to be assigned by BASF and the QBMA respectively. They are given to academically worthy students who show an interest in community engagement. This is a part of a Black Community program put in place by the BCRC and BASF to support scholarship and excellence among African-Canadian students to ensure a continuous supply of informed and competent black leadership that will strengthen the vitality of the Black Community and the general Montreal society. The first of these scholarships will be awarded at a Quebec Black Medical Association (QBMA) Symposium to be held at the University of Montreal, Friday, October 26 5:30 PM. The Dean of the Faculty of medicine of UdeM will give the welcome address. A guest speaker, Dr. Ahmed Maherzi will talk about Social responsibility in medicine and health sciences.

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