This Fall the BCRC has created a new program for seniors and youth in the Black community. BCRC’s Intergenerational Program is meant to brighten the lives of our seniors and reduce the social isolation many are facing at this time. As a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic, many seniors and youth have been experiencing social isolation and loneliness. To help resolve this issue, the BCRC created an Intergenerational program which will give Black youth and seniors the opportunity to connect while participating in fun engaging workshops online. We believe that both youth and seniors have a wealth of knowledge to share. We wish to increase young people’s understanding of aging issues, bring together generations and restore the role of elders as leaders in the Black community. These kinds of programs are extremely important because they allow all generations to learn new skills, help to reduce social isolation, creates space for important conversations to take place and removes negative stereotypes while allowing for new friendships to be made.


This program will engage seniors and youth in a new exciting way! We provide our participants with both informational and recreational workshops to keep them physically active and well informed on the resources that may need the most.

All of our workshops are Free and are hosted online through Zoom. If you are a senior (55+)looking for a new experience, this program is for you!


The BCRC’s intergenerational program is about strengthening the Black community by fostering positive friendships, sharing experiences, learning new things and of course having lots of fun. Through our buddy system, seniors and youth have been paired up for the duration of the program which encourages social interaction while breaking down social barriers and allowing for youth to have a closer bond with a senior resulting in new meaningful friendships.

Recreational Activities:

  • Group Yoga sessions
  • Soca fitness
  • Painting
  • Meditation workshops
  • Dance workshops

Informational workshops:

  • Financial wellness workshops
  • Mask Hygiene & Safety
  • Selfcare & Mental Health
  • Housing Rights
  • Food security and much more


Thanks to our Partners

This project has been funded by the Canadian Red CrossWe also acknowledge that without our great partners, this project couldn’t be possible. A special thanks to our partner The Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal (CBAC).