Links to websites & documents to serve members of the community

Organization                                                                                          Service

Black Coalition of Quebec                                                                                          ⋅ Free legal service. Job training for youth ages 15-30

Center for Research-Action on Race Relations                                                       ⋅ Advocacy for victims of discrimination based on race

Desta                                                                                                                              ⋅ Justice program & various other community programs

Canadian Association of Black Lawyers                                                                   ⋅ Quebec Black Lawyers

Multi-Cafe                                                                                                                     ⋅ Free legal information, & social wellness advice & referral

Commission des Services Juridiques                                                                       ⋅ Legal information online (Ex.Am I eligible for legal aid?)

Legal Aid Offices                                                                                                          ⋅ Find legal services in your region

Community Legal Centre of Montreal                                                                     ⋅ Legal advice & representation before the courts for free/fee.

OLS Quebec Employment and Labour Lawyers                                                    ⋅ Labour & employment legal advice at reduced price

Women’s Y of Montreal                                                                                             ⋅  Free legal advice, and other free community services

Educaloi                                                                                                                        ⋅ Online legal information

Commission Of Human Rights & Rights Of Youth                                                ⋅ Rights recognized by the Charter

West Island Sexual Assault Center                                                                          ⋅ Legal recourse and advocacy for sexual assault victims 

Quebec Victim Advocacy Association                                                                     ⋅  Links to resources that can help victims of criminal acts and those close to                                                                                                                                                  them

Organization                                                                Service

Women’s Y of Montreal                                                                                                                          · Housing support

Project Genesis                                                                                                                                        ⋅ Housing Rights, help with welfare,family allowance

West Island Crisis Centre                                                                                                                       ⋅ Short term housing with transitional apartment

Tracom                                                                                                                                                      ⋅ Short term housing, community follow up and 24hr helpline

Quebec Rental Board                                                                                                                              ⋅ Information about rental housing agreement law

Office Municipal d’Habitation de Montreal                                                                                         ⋅ Subsidized Housing    

Multi-Cafe                                                                                                                                                  ⋅ Advice and referrals for poor housing conditions

Old Brewery Mission                                                                                                                              ⋅ Homeless & reintegration services

La Maison du Pere                                                                                                                                  ⋅ Helping Homeless men from 25 years old and plus

Auberge Transition                                                                                                                                 ⋅ Shelter for abused women

Face a Face                                                                                                                                              ⋅ Housing & accompaniment

Organization                                                                    Service

Immigrant Workers Centre                                                                                                ⋅ Defends the rights of immigrants in their workplaces

Citizenship & Immigration Canada                                                                                  ⋅ Information on Citizenship & Immigration Canada

Working in Quebec- Provincial Website                                                                          ⋅ Quebec’s job market, evaluation of your education, regulated trades & professions.

Living in Quebec-Provincial Website                                                                                ⋅ Living in Quebec, from culture, temperature, housing, child-care

Health Insurance Card (RAMQ)                                                                                        ⋅ Information concerning Quebec’s health insurance plan

Health Insurance Card (RAMQ)                                                                                         ⋅ Register for health insurance card.

Canadian Council for Refugees                                                                                        ⋅ Advocate for the rights and protection of refugees and migrant in Canada

L’Hirondelle                                                                                                                          ⋅ Welcoming and Integration Services for Newcomers

Bienvenue NDG                                                                                                                  ⋅ Settlement assistance & integration for newcomers

Organization                                                              Service

Black Healing Fund                                                                    · Provide Black people with discretionary funding for therapy & mental health focused resources

Healing in Color                                                                          · Offers a directory of BIPOC therapists who are committed to supporting BIPOC

Black Mental Health Connection                                            · Resources, Crisis hotline, seasonal LGBTQ peer support group

Reisa                                                                                             · Works to increase access to health and social services in English for residents of Montreal’s east-end

Head & Hands                                                                            · Free legal clinic & Medical clinic YPP & Social services, Food pantry (youth 12-25)

Amcal Family Services                                                              · Counseling for youth between the ages of 7 and 17

Suicide Action Montreal                                                           · Suicide hotline, help survivors of suicide cope, resources (1 866 277-3553).

Tracom                                                                                         · Crisis intervention services

Women Aware                                                                             · Support groups, drop in services, telephone helpline and court accompaniment

Auberge Transition                                                                     · Shelter & support for abused women.

Women’s Center of Montreal                                                   · Counselling/ referral services for women. 

Face a Face                                                                                   · Free 8-week counselling; drop-in support groups; listening; general assistance

Portage                                                                                          · Drug addiction rehabilitation & employment reintegration programs

Sante Monteregie                                                                       · Specialized addiction rehabilitation services aim to prevent, reduce and treat

Montreal Sexual Assault Center                                               · Free medical, counselling for sexual assault victims, listening, support & referral

West Island Sexual Assault Center                                           · Phone support and references crisis intervention, individual/group support

Montreal Alzheimer’s Society                                                   · Care & Support services, resources

Health Insurance Card(RAMQ)                                                   · Information concerning Quebec’s health insurance plan

Health Insurance Card(RAMQ)                                                  · Register card

Jewish General Hospital Website Resources                           · Find websites for various health concerns

Organization                                                                 Service

Women’s Y of Montreal                                                                                                               · Employability services

Black Coalition of Quebec                                                                                                           · Job training for youth ages 15-30

Desta                                                                                                                                               · Employability services

Cote des Neiges Job Search Center                                                                                             · Employment support

Emploi Quebec                                                                                                                               · Job/internship placement, job search tools

Government of Canada                                                                                                                · Information on Federal Taxes

Revenue Quebec                                                                                                                           · Information on provincial Income Taxes

Quebec Benefits                                                                                                                             · Information concerning financial assistance programs               

Employment Insurance                                                                                                                 · Information about Employment Insurance

CNESST (Committee on Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work)                               · Promotes the rights and obligation in the matter of labour

Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi (Insert your municipality)                                                            · Employment services, return to school coaching , entrepreneurship

Tydale St-George Community Centre                                                                                       · Employment services

Links For Job Search Engines

Organization                                                        Service

Desta                                                                             · Skills program, education support, tutoring, high school courses

Quebec Board of Black Educators                           · Academic programs, family programs, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Personal Development Program

D.E.A.L (Distance Education)                                    · Complete high school closes to earn diploma without attending in-person class. 

Educaloi                                                                        · Who has access to English schools in Quebec.  

Service Quebec Office                                               · Find nearest office, to speak with an employment agent about government funded education program

Dawson College                                                          · Courses refunded by Emploi Quebec if eligible (Service Quebec Office).       

LEARN                                                                           · Free tutoring for students in public or private English schools in Quebec 

C.A.R.I                                                                            · Free tutoring service as a response to Covid-19.

Tydale St-George Community Centre                      · Offer educational support programs

Sun Youth                                                                      · School supply distribution

Special Needs Education

English Montreal School Board                                 · Resources, programs and classrooms

Giant Steps                                                                    · School welcomes students aged 4 to 21 years old with autism spectrum disorders

Miriam Foundation                                                      · Various programs for people with intellectual disabilities, autism and/or neuro developmental disorders

Montreal Oral School For the Deaf                           · Teaches children with a hearing loss to listen and speak

Organization                                                                  Service

Yes Montreal                                                       · Re-introduction of the basic structures of French. Not for people with little French language skills. 4 weeks 75$

Maison De l’Amitie                                              · Six week language class for all levels, regardless of your Status in Canada. 165$

Korpus Laval (website only in French)            · Improve your French grammar and spelling.10 hours.  40$

Service Quebec Office                                        · Find nearest office, to speak with an employment agent about funded language classes.

Dawson College(French description only)        · Learn French verbs to improve writing. 72$ if eligible for Service Quebec program.

Dawson College(French description only)        · Learn French grammar to improve writing. 72$ if eligible for Service Quebec program.

Dawson College(French description only)       · Recognize syntax & grammar errors to improve writing. 90$  if eligible for Service Quebec program.

Dawson College(French description only)       · Read & understand administrative text.72$ if eligible for Service Quebec program.

Cejep Limoilou(Website only in French)      · French online course, independent learning(Rosetta Stone).Access to resources for 5 months.160$

Cejep Limoilou(Website only in French)          · Perfect French writing skills at your own pace. 20 hrs. 120$  

Learn French Government du Quebec            · Free French tools & resources online  for everyone.                                                                                                                                             

Learn French Government du Quebec            · Information for government funded French classes for immigrants.

Organization                                              Service

Covid-19 Legal Clinic                                                                               · Legal clinics that are open

Covid-19 Mental Health Support                                                           · CLSC Psychosocial intake

Employment Insurance                                                                           · Information concerning employment insurance & Covid-19 economic response plan

Heads and Hands                                                                                      · Provide free legal information & Medical clinic YPP & Social services (for youth 12-25)

List Of Pharmacies In Montreal Giving Covid-19 Vaccine – Excel Sheet

Organization                                         Service

Desta                                           · Community food program, Entrepreneurship, Employability, Education, Justice

Afrique Au Feminin                 · Child care, food baskets, workshops

Multi-Cafe                                  · Food basket, referral services for people experiencing significant economic and social difficulties,  & other services

The Depot                                   · Food support, individual support & referrals

Heads and Hands                      · Food Pantry. Distributed on a monthly basis for those under 25 or with dependents under 25

Share The Warmth                     · Foster the development and success of youth, increases food security and health for all. 

Sun Youth                                    · Food bank, financial assistance, material assistance prevention/education, recreation, sports programs         

Chez Doris                                · Service for women that provide a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once a month, they distribute emergency food baskets.


Organization                                                      Service

Chez Doris                                               · Daytime shelter for women in difficulty. Services such as physical health, education and socio-recreational

Femmes Averties/Women Aware       · Supports women and strive to end domestic violence against women, men, children and youth

Auberge Transition                                · Shelter & support services for women

Women’s Centre of Montréal               · Counselling/ referral services for women 

Auberge Shalom                                     · A center for women in abusive relationships & their children (for all women from diverse background)       

Maison Flora Tristan                             · Emergency support services  for women & their children who are victims of domestic violence. Offer transitional housing         

Educaloi                                                   · Ending a lease for spousal or sexual violence   

Government of Quebec                        · Information, resources, helpline for domestic abuse 

Shelter Safe                                             · Find a woman’s shelter in Quebec                                           

Organization                                                                 Service

The Council for Black Aging Montreal Community                       · Educational, exercise/fitness, and social/recreational activities

The Yellow Door                                                                                   · Intergenerational wellness group, Matching senior and youth, vegan café

Cote-Des-Neige Community Association                                        · Supports the development of the Black community

Sun Youth                                                                                              · Seniors Club, sports, special programs, camp

Black Theater Workshop                                                                    · Theater that reflects works of black community

LOVE                                                                                                      · Engage youth  in a process of self-discovery, & leadership through photography,& writing.

Westhaven                                                                                            · After school program, summer Camp, teen drop in center

Project 10                                                                                              · Socialize with other 2LBTQIAP+ youth, resources, advocacy, & more

Women On The Rise                                                                           · Supporting mothers

Elizabeth House                                                                                   · Supporting mothers and mothers-to-be who are experiencing difficulties adjusting to pregnancy or their role as parents

Mosaik Family Resource Centre                                                   · Services  that promote good parenting practices, familial bonding,  & community networking

Tydale St-Georges Community Centre                                       · Offering programs designed to promote self-reliance, mutual aid and fulfillment through various programs

NDG Community Counsel                                                            · Promote, improve and sustain the well-being of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce community and its residents.