Meet the Animators!!

A behind the scenes look at our Standing on Their Shoulders team! Stay tuned for next Semaji issue in December to meet some of our participants and in March to meet the final three members of the Standing on Their Shoulders team!


STS 3 Jennifer Sinclair–I’m one of the animators on the Standing on Their Shoulders team along with Pharaoh Freeman. Since we began sharing Little Burgundy’s Black history we have been met with such enthusiasm and passion from everyone we met. I have spent as much time educating youth as I have spent learning from them and from Little Burgundy’s elders. I feel so fortunate to have been part of this wonderful project.



Pharoh 2 Pharaoh Freeman (aka Robin)–I’m the co-animator on the Standing on Their Shoulder Team alongside Jennifer Sinclair (aka Batman). I’m really excited to be on this project because it gave me an opportunity to work with youth and learn about the rich history of Little Burgundy. I thank the BCRC for giving me this amazing opportunity.




This article was featured in Semaji September 2015. To see the full version Click Here