New Seniors Project!!

With funding from Canadian Heritage, BCRC has been able to mount a seniors’ pilot project which will run between June and December 2015. The goal is to identify the needs of a group of seniors who frequent the Cote-des-Neiges Plaza. Our motivation is to find ways to get to know who they are, to offer them both constructive and social activities, as well as to share our knowledge of the range of the services of which they could take advantage. Two part-time animators have been our ‘boots on the ground’.  Shimmon and Felicia have conducted face-to-face interviews with many of the seniors asking themselves “what are the needs that exist?” They have also put together a survey and did some preliminary research about groups and social services in Côte-des-Neiges that currently exist for all local elderly.

Armed with this plethora of information, Felicia and Shimmon are now hoping to address topics that can resonate with the seniors. The two have now become a resource and, over the course of the next few months, they pull together some workshops to educate our seniors on issues that directly affect the quality of their life.  They are planning to invite groups and knowledgeable individuals to talk about social housing, ageism, isolation, finances, mental health, and family.

Having made some strong connections while engaging with other organizations, there is a strong desire to work in tandem to create a strong support network that focuses on a holistic approach for our seniors.

Certainly, there will be more challenges ahead but BCRC is proud to say that Shimmon and Felicia have shown dedication to improving the lives of this segment of our senior population.  If you would like to contribute your knowledge or expertise with seniors or you would like to give the team a hand, call Shimmon at: 514-342-2247.


By the Seniors Project team.


The article was featured in Semaji September 2015. To read the full version Click Here

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