Black In Quebec

Black in Quebec will offer an in-depth research study into the English Speaking Black Community in Quebec. The purpose of the project is to provide Black Community Organizations with information and data on their communities, which will give them the opportunity to cite accurate and credible sources in their respective works i.e. grant applications, work strategies, and community portraits.

Furthermore, we aim to use this information to increase the quality of engagement with the community and to inform our advocacy that includes raising awareness of issues facing the community while building solidarity and strengthening the vitality of our community. The findings from our research will also provide the Private, Educational, and Public Sector Institutions with information regarding the English Speaking Black population here in Quebec.

Program Goals:

▶︎ Outreach to individuals in the ESBC who may be isolated or uninformed about the services and resources available to them.
▶︎Support efforts aimed at enhancing the services provided to the ESBC from Black Community Organizations by establishing connections and sharing information.
▶︎Sensitize the larger community to the detrimental effects of racism and social exclusion, by sharing statistics that show the collective and personal barriers facing members of the ESBC.
▶︎Reduce the gaps in knowledge and information between the community and the mainstream society.
▶︎Promote social inclusion and civic engagement of individuals in the English Speaking Black Community.


▶︎Designing the Research : Assessment of current information, review of past studies and Gap Analysis, methodological design.
▶︎Community Outreach: Engaging the wider community through forums, discussions, focus groups and social media campaigns.
▶︎Data Collection & Surveying: Collecting data through interviews, surveys, questionnaires and meetings. 
▶︎Analysis: Analyzing and comprehending the data and information collected.
▶︎Reports, Presenting results, Campaign: Presenting our findings in a report, initiating a campaign and sharing our recommendations to different stakeholders.

Black In Quebec 2021 Community Vitality Survey

Purpose of the Research: The purpose of this study is to collect up-to-date information about the state of objective and subjective well-being in Quebec’s English-speaking Black communities in relation to other racialized and linguistic communities. 



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The Black in Quebec Team is happy to share their data finding.

Black In Quebec 2021 Community Vitality Survey


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