The Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC) takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of English-speaking youth. We refer to this approach as the “Holistic Project.” In adopting this approach to community service, we recognize that youth have many needs (e.g., socio-cultural, educational, and economic, etc.) that must be addressed in order for youth to achieve their maximum potential in our society.


BCRC is a growing, resource-based organization that strengthens community capacity by providing professional support to organizations and individuals in need. The Centre is committed to helping visible minority youth rekindle their dreams, and achieve their full potential.


We provide and implement professional innovative support services to individuals, communities, para-public and public organizations. We also develop and run health, education, socio-culture, and community economic development programs.


Our multi-interventionist holistic strategy is progressive and unique. At its foundation is the idea of leveraging partnerships and encouraging collaboration in order to support individuals, families and organizations.

We emphasize:

• infrastructure support and training
• prevention and empowerment
• a community-building approach
• collaboration and partnerships
• an inclusive perspective
• support to individuals and organizations


  • Information and referrals

    Our staff can either answer your questions relating to employmemnt, health and social services, or we can direct you to the professional assistance you seek

  • Support to schools

    Self-development workshops and interactive activities designed for students. Various themes covered such as team building, conflict resolution, self-esteem, anti-racism, etc.

  • Documentation Centre

    Our library contains over 200 culturally relevant, up-to-date documents on various subjects. These subjects include, but are not limited to: education, history, socio-cultural issues and topics related to Quebec society.

  • Workshops

    If you are a non-profit organization, come talk to us about your needs. We can help design workshops and sometimes we may be able to provide facilitators.  Occasionally we can provide meeting space for organizations that partner with us.