At a recent workshop at Tyndale, the Standing on Their Shoulders team sat down with a dozen Tyndale youth, documentary filmmaker Sacha Obas and jazz legend Norman Marshall Villeneuve. The mission: to talk about all things jazz in Burgundy!




Mr. Villeneuve told us all about the glory days of Rockhead’s Paradise, sharing the stage with other jazz greats, and how important music was for many young people growing up in Burgundy. He started playing drums when he was only 12 years old! We were also treated to a demonstration of Mr. Villeneuve’s incredible skill.


To inspire the youth on their upcoming film project, Sacha shared some words of wisdom on filmmaking. He showed a short documentary from New York City and gave pointers on how to choose music for a film, how to craft a story from interviews, and how to choose what questions to ask!


We all left feeling very inspired!


A big thank you to Louise & Norman Villeneuve, and Sacha Obas for sharing their expertise with the youth!